Tiny Light Masabo~Sneak Peak {Oshawa Children’s Photography}

About 1 year ago I joined a fabulous organization that provides professional photography for children and families that have been faced with a life-altering diagnosis.

It is called The Tiny Light Foundation.

I had my first Tiny Light session back in May with Tiny Light Masabo and she stole my heart.

This little tiny light was was born with Spina Bifida and required surgery within 24 hours of birth.

You can read her story at http://aid4alej.weebly.com/.




The next two pictures show us Tiny Light’s “wheels”. 

It is how she can get around from room to room quickly and she can work that wheelchair like a Nascar pro!


In these other pictures, it shows her leg braces that help her stand, and it is not a quick process either.

The next two photos also the tip of her scar from various surgeries she has had since birth. What a trooper this little sweetie is.






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