The Halls~Sneak Peak {Whitby Durham Photographer} or the reality of shooting a young family…

This is the third time I have had the privilege to photograph this family.

This family reminds me of how life was when my girls were these boys age; BUSY and a whole lot of fun!

I will be honest-this shoot made me sweat and kept me moving.

What I love about this family is that they do not have unrealistic expectations of their boys; almost 3 and 16 months.

They move; they don’t want to smile for the camera all the time and they don’t want to sit still.

Reality is; and I hope I don’t get burned for this, but not all pictures turn out like this one…


where everyone is looking at the camera. 

A lot look like this…


More candid and realistic to the age of the child.

brothers collage

The older the child, the easier it is to get them to smile on queue or catch a happy moment.

daddy and son bw

But when they are younger, you grab those moments quickly when they are still for a second.

daddy and son2  bw

And you have to expect funny expressions; that is what they do!


Or they suck on their fingers…possibly even bite them Smile


Sometimes Grandparents are a good distraction and can help slow down a busy, curious child…


Sometimes you will luck out and see a doggie which is almost guaranteed to bring a smile!

doggie collage


(By the way; you guys really need to get this kid a puppy) Smile

Food always works well too to slow down a child and bring a smile!

Just catch the smiles in between the chewing….

mother and son collage


(Disclaimer on “these types” of shots above-the boys were having a blast…the one in red kept asking to be hung upside down again and again)

Here’s the thing about shooting young families;

go with the flow and sometimes you get the sweetest, most accurate memories.










I love this family.  I have loved seeing the boys grow.  I loved even more seeing how they are with each other.

Thanks for letting me follow you around and capture the beautiful memories with your boys!


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