She’s a country girl at heart~Sneak Peak {Whitby Children’s Photography}

I realized the other day before she headed off to camp, that I had never done a photo shoot of any of my a real one that I would do for others (or so she reminded me of this).

A new hat is a good excuse to have one eh?

She has been wanting a cow girl hat for ages and stole mine frequently this summer until she finally gave in a bought herself one…on sale; half price (that’s my girl!)

There is something so wonderful about that golden hour-especially the highlights in the hair and sunflares.

sitting on boardwalk2

sitting down

real sunflareon boardwalk2


vt 2sunflare2

vt 3


(She kept doing this really cheesy thing with her hat which I refused to take a pic of…

so she changed the pose at the last minute in hopes I would catch it on my camera..lil’ stinker)

no comment

(sword fighting with the long grass…this is what happens behind the scenes)

These last two are my faves…

vt scurve


Aisy’s is next! She has a new hat too…


Unknown said…
ooh, the last one is totally my favorite!!! She's beautiful and I love the lighting!!

visiting from Project 52

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