Aug 3, 2012

A climber, a dancer and a sitter~Sneak Peak {Toronto Photographer}

Two things I noticed about a lot of kiddos; they like to climb and dance and these lovelies are no different.

Even while they waited for their Daddy to come from work for the shoot-they were asking to climb a statue in the Guild Inn!

(Those are my kind of kids!)

And while bigger sister and brother ran and climbed Mr. J sat as best he could-with a little help from my basket-watching his siblings play!

the family

sitting on the bear sunflare

Waiting for daddyBen by the gardenMr j 3

Mr J in basket


hannah by garden

daddy and the boys

mommy and h

mr j 2 bw




h and j 2

kids on blanket bw


mommy and ben

daddy and ben


the roths2

the family2 bw


Super Ben

Hannah lying down

baby blues of mr j


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