Two becomes three, or How to pose a 4 month old~Sneak Peak {Whitby Family Photography}

Met this wonderful family taking MLS listing photos of their home.

All I can say is this wee man stole my heart. 

So content, sweet, handsome…I mean seriously; look at those cheeks!


So this handsome young man is 4  months old.

And doesn’t sit on his own yet…so how do you pose a 4 month old? 

Well, we started him on his belly, held him, then flipped him to his back, then took his clothes off

and it was then we found the pose for him…in a basket!

The neat thing about photographing families is each one is individual…Some kids love clothes, some don’t, some like lying on their tummy’s and some like their back.

Eventually we found that this little guy loved his diaper and the basket…we are talking a seriously content baby boy!

DSC_0022 ny

the fam

the family softened

ben lying down

collage bw

ben standingdaddy and ben standing

(He has his mommy’s smile!)

ben and daddy

mommy and ben

basket and squeels candid

(He kept squealing while in the basket~that’s how we knew we had found the position for him)

Then we got the classic shots of hands and feet and eyelashes…and baby B doing what he did best; sucking, chewing, drooling and squealing!



sucking thumb

mommy and ben2

the fam and basket candid 4

daddy and ben2

the happy family

ben chewing daddy fngr bw

drool bit blurry

And lastly a squealing series…


the fam squeels candid

Thank you for coming by and letting me capture a small part of your lives.

Baby B you are the sweetest little boy.

Me and my camera love you!


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