P52~Week 15 DIY Family Rules

A quiet moment while kids slept allowed me to get my own family rules completed.

You know; the artwork we’ve seen on Pinterest or sold at home decorating stores.


Made our own on a spare canvas I had lying around.

Found a quick and easy peasy way to make it, not like how I used to transfer stuff to canvas like I did here.

Thought I  would share it since is much easier…

Paint in a flat paint the surface of whatever you are putting your family rules on.

I painted mine in layers of green and white so it had layers and texture because that is what I like.

Then as it dried I printed off with my ink jet printer our family rules…but the key is I printed it backwards-in photoshop I created a new file 11x8 and types out our rules.

Then I went to “Image” in the top header and clicked “Flipped horizontal”.

I printed it.

I put a book under my canvas that fit inside the frame so there was a firm surface to transfer the rules. If you don’t do this when using a canvas you cannot press as hard as you need to so the transfer goes on too light and it is hard to see….you’ll see what I mean after this next step!


Then I used a little bit of water and a wide brush.  You want the brush wet but not soaked. No dripping; it is too wet if that happens.



I put two coats of water quickly over a word at time, saturating it so the letters show through the paper.

Then before it can dry I used the other end of the brush and burnished it…a fancy word for rubbing it firmly over top the letting so the wet ink will transfer onto the canvas.


When you remove the paper the ink transfers onto the canvas.  This is why you want to use flat paint.  If there is a sheen to the paint the ink will not transfer well if at all. This is also why you need a book underneath the canvas so the canvas cannot flex/bend under the firm pressure of the burnishing.

So it will look like this;


It is faded which is good if you want that look.  I personally wanted it darker so I used flat black craft paint diluted and painted overtop the transfer so it would stand out more.

And so you get this;


At the bottom I got the family to sign it..personalize it all that more you know.

Total time of project under two hours!


Unknown said…
What are the dimensions of this sign? You mentioned making it 11x8 in Photoshop, but that doesn't seem right, by looking at it. Thanks.
stef said…
Hi Diane,
what i should have said was i printed the rules out on 4 pieces of paper 11x8 so when laid together filled the canvas since the canvas is about 12x 34.
Hope that clarifies my instrustions...my apologies!
Leigh said…
Wow! You are amazing! What talent you have to do this in 2 hours. I have been looking at so many family rules poster trying to find just the right one...and I am so impressed with yours. It is one of my favorites! I just read your bio---What an inspiration you are in all areas! Thank you for sharing your story and great works! God Bless you!
Leigh said…
Wow! So impressive that you did this in 2 hours! I have looked at so many family rule posters trying to find just the right one...and wondering if I could make one. (I still think it might take me two weeks though! (at least LOL!) I just read your bio, what a fantastic story. You are truly inspirational in all areas! Thank you for sharing your talents and story! God Bless you!
Kathryn said…
How exactly did you make the text darker? I would love to do this for a Christmas present but I'm a bit confused on how you made the text darker.

This is a genius idea and I've been trying to find something like this for weeks!! Thank you.
stef said…
Kathryn, I painted over top the letters with a diluted craft paint after I transferred it. Thank you!
Joy said…
Hi Stephanie!

Love this for my family! I love the font you used...which one is it? Also, do you think this would work on a chalkboard?

Thanks so much!! :)
stef said…
Hi Joy,
I used three types of fonts and interchanged them.
The first one (Script)was "Passions Conflict ROB", the second (smaller case sans serif )was "Caviar Dreams" and the third one (Serif font all caps)was Trajan Pro. It could work on a chalk board but it may be very faint. I did do a how to transfer onto chalk board here: http://www.stephaniebrowndesign.com/2011/07/simple-and-easy-transformationhow-to-do.html
Unknown said…
Loved your work. Did you use regular printing paper and ink while printing?
stef said…
Hi Archana,
Yes just regular ink and paper!
Anonymous said…
Would this work on wood too and not just canvas?
stef said…
Hi Allcheery
Yes it would! :)
Unknown said…
Unfortunately my ink didn't transfer.

Need a plan B. This is a gift for my friend who I will see tonight.
12"x36" canvas

stef said…
I would try it again but use something really hard to press pen with lid on it or end of a paint stick... You could try colouring the backside with a pencil and transfer using the lead of the pencil but then you will have to paint overtop of it for sure as it would not be dark enough to leave that way. Make sure your base colour is not too dark that you would not be able to see the ink or lead transferred. Sorry for quick explanation-gotta run to church! Good luck!
Unknown said…
hey Stephanie! I absolutely loved this sign and how creative! instead of going out and buying vinyl, stencils etc! I did this last night and it turned out great! the only problem is that he letters are readable but not dark enough. I read that you used diluted craft pAin't. Did you use just a black acrylic paint and paint over each letter individually? any other tips to make the letters darker?

Thank you! & God Bless
stef said…
Hi Elizabeth,
Yes that is exactly what I did...being it was diluted I wasn't too careful going back over top of the letters. It didn't take too long. The only thing that helps is if your base colour of your family rules canvas is light then the letters will look darker:)
God Bless you as well.
Chris Lewis said…
I’m definitely going to try this technique. Thank you so much for sharing it.

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