A Sweet Thirteen? Photo shoot of my Book Worm

Each year I do a photo shoot with the kids on their birthday’s.

This year there was a milestone…13th.

In some cultures the 13th birthday represents a coming of age, some cultures it is 16.

I always assumed “Sweet” sixteen got the term because the hormones have levelled out and therefore the teenager becomes more sweet! Ha! (One can wish)

It made me wonder what the 13th birthday is referred to as, so I googled it and one parent suggested “Tumultuous”…

she doesn’t look tumultuous to me…

She is definitely her father’s daughter, even though she has read more

books in her 8 years of reading  than he has in his entire life time.

She knows how to tease yet is so very loyal.

She loves her family and her friends.

She is so smart it amazes both her father and I.  Yet she never puts herself above others because of it.

There is a quirky side to her that shows when she wears two differently coloured socks in gym.

And she still likes to cuddle and lie in our bed.

Her first name means; very loosely translated, “Thine first” and her middle names means “Faith”.

Her favourite thing is to be curled up with a book, and if we let her; she’d read all day.

Hence, the book worm photo shoot theme!




book worm4


We tried out a backdrop my friend lent me for a session later this week…

pretty in pink2

pretty in pink3

pretty in pink

I teased her that this will be the last photo shoot without braces for the next two and half years so she smiled big for me.

This kids amazes me and I LOVE our talks.

She is my joy!

Happy 13th!


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