Beautiful Black and White~iheartfaces

Her first name means “Inspiration” in Gaelic

and her middle name is French for “Christmas”.

She is a real nutbar

and has a heart of gold which is very special because she likes everyone

(even the unlikeable).

She is my muse,

and co operates (most of the time) when I say I want to take a picture!

She has a way of making you feel special and important.

She has many “blonde” moments and has been known to be quite gullible.

And she can talk about anything to anyone.

She has a great smile and her laugh explodes from her belly.

She really cares about others, and even a tween, still loves teddy bears; especially “Winnie the Pooh”.

She lives in this hat which her best friends mum made

and will sing all day long.

I cannot imagine my world without her.

She is my inspiration…

serious texture bw

(out of 10 photos this is the only

one where she is not making faces or moving and

it just so happens she is not smiling; which is rare)

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laughing ny warmer


wendy said…
Beautiful little lady!
and a very lovely photo!

hugs wendy
Christine said…
Very pretty shot, I love her eyes!
Jenny said…
What a lovely girl!
Gina Kleinworth said…
What a beauty!!!!!!!!! I can see why she inspires you!
Jac said…
Haha- you definitely don't see her looking that serious very often! Love it. :)
Heather said…
Such a beautiful girl an photograph!

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