Your opinion~Mantel decor

Very curious your opinion on this matter of mantel decor.  Dead serious…the results could change how I stage and take photos especially if there is any validity in the statement below.

I read an article stating that asymmetrical decor on a mantel is more comforting/inviting  verses symmetrical decor.

So I decided to to put this to a test (curious about these big name designers who come up with these rules we are supposed to follow in design), to see if he was correct.


So does this comfort you?


(not the fire itself-the decor arrangement)

How about this?


Maybe you don’t like the actual decor on it, but how does it make you feel..

The article said the above arrangement should be making you feel uncomfortable…

does it?

How about this one?


Verses this one?

2011-05-31 001 016

Or this?


Any of these make you feel comfortable?

DSC_4323family rm trebfireplace detail

fireplace2 treblivingrm (2)livingrm2

Seriously though, taking out of consideration personal tastes of decor do you find that an asymmetrical design on the mantel really makes you feel more comfortable?


I personally like the very first picture! The other mantel setups are to 'symmetrical' ;) they make me feel uptight...hope this helps! :)
Jennifer Silver said…
I think the first one is really nice, too! And I agree with Rachel.. the ones that are too symmetrical make me feel uptight! Or it would make me ALWAYS be checking it if it were set up "just so" which would probably make me worry more about it than just enjoy it :) But that's just me! Ps. You always do a beautiful job of decorating!!!

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