Pink becomes blue~Before and After

An easy before and after involving paint, and paper and cork sheets from the dollar store…

Easy peasy the way I like it!


Bubble gum Pink; circa 2003

(not a fan of pink let me tell you)

2011-07-11 001 010


Turquiose with Lime green accents; 2011

(not a fan of this bright turquoise either-it glows into the hallway kind of an eerie shade of blue)


The run down…

1. Painted walls- I know pretty obvious! Back wall is two shades darker than the other three. Used lime green as the accent.

It started with them receiving a lime green cd player as a gift…

2. Painted window box-I love white furniture now that the girlies are older!

3. Made their beds-it is AMAZING how great a room looks when the beds are made!

4. De cluttered all little knick knacks and dust collectors.

5. Hand painted the flowers-use a projector if you cannot free hand.

6. Made about 100 paper butterflies in dark turq, light turq and white cardstock.

7. Bought them new lights for the bedside bookcases for $2.00 each.

8. Made cork boards on the closet doors from stuff from the dollar store...which I will post “a how to” ; even though it was so easy to do but have a couple of tips.

9. Aisy made the wreath on their door from strips of fabric and the wire base of an old lamp shade.

10. Valance was a value village find for $2.00.

(the reason why it has bright orange and such in it is because it matches the cover on  the bottom bunk that is really on the bed-not the one in the picture.  Since we have an aging dog she has issues from time to time and we did not want her to ruin the bedding in the photo so we bought a bright turquoise cover from the thrift store until our beloved pet passes on to doggie heaven and that way it would also still go with the turquoise colour scheme. Long boring story but I am sure someone would notice that the bedding in the picture does not match the valance as well as the current bedding on the bottom bunk! When doggie is no longer with us the valance will change to something more subtle :)


The visual run down…









And since I do Staging as my part of my business I feel required to tell you that YES I staged the pictures-the girls room is NEVER this neat..

It took me one hour to clean out their room stage it and take pictures of it!

And in case you were wondering where all their stuff went for the photos…



(and that is only some of it..the rest was thrown into their closet!)

Total room transformation for the cost of two cans of paint and less than $20.00 for the additional details!


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