P52~Week One

P52?  It is a photo each week for the year.

I know I am unable to do a 365 (a photo every day for a year), even though I can and have taken a photo each day of the year. 

The thing is; I do not have one of those fancy smart phones with a 8 Mega pixel camera that can upload to all my social media in the press of a button.

( Reality is; I have a basic flip phone that has a 1.2 Mega pixel camera ) so for me to remember or have the time to upload my images off the camera and get them onto Live Writer to post is just not part of my priorities when I have clients and agents who require their photos first!

So P52. One photo each week.  Easy…

I spent the first couple of days of 2012 in bed.  All day.  Ear and throat infections if you’re curious.

Interesting start to 2012.



I LOVE that mug!! Where did you find it?

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