When it is yucky outside; either so cold your nostrils freeze together upon immediate contact with the frigid air or it is raining,

YES pouring in January

and I do not want to go outside for pictures and no one cute is around to me muse me, I like to find vignettes around the house that inspire me.

I look for lighting or colours or textures even.

Whatever tickles my fancy at that time…

wheat in sun

This was actually taken inside as the sun came through the window and hit a vase full of wheat.

These colours make me want to paint! A painting or a room; I don’t care, just love these colours!

Want to see what other people take pictures of when they are stuck inside?

Click SWEET SHOT TUESDAYS to find out!


patty said…
Love to see the beauty in such simple things. Love the color, too-- warm and comforting, like a good cup of coffee. :)
Nice capture!

Patty @

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