Jan 23, 2012

By the book~iheartfaces weekly challenge


This weeks challenge is “By the Book”.

So I thought of two pictures; one of my book worm daughter, ALWAYS reading and the other one of a senior shoot I got to do-

Straight A student, sharp as a tack and beautiful ta boot!

Toss of a coin and this one was chosen when we were hanging out by the water feature at our library…

(yes I did toss a coin because I never know what to pick)

lying by water bw smaller

I love these weekly challenges..barely participate but I love seeing all the entries.


e miller photography-Salem Oregon Photography said...

gorgeous capture of a gorgeous girl!

Tia Benningfield said...

Beautiful light and love the B&W.

Kelsie Taylor said...

This is beautiful! Love the black and white tones.

Life with Kaishon said...

Straight A's! Way to go : )