Two Great Families~Sneak Peak {Durham Family Photography}

When I was approached by one of my art students to do some photos of her family, I was thrilled, no; make that super excited.

You see, from time to time, secretly I hope for certain people to approach me and request a photo session because I really want to take pictures of them.

And I won’t go up to them and say “hey I am going to take your photos”, because some people don’t like that , so sometimes I sit and wait and wait and wait….

This was one of those situations.  And they asked! And I got two families at the same time.

Super Lovely.

(Not to mention super gorgeous too)

We went to Cullen Gardens and as it turned out we did not have one of those warm, mild winter days we’ve been getting it was windy and chilly to say the least!

Brave souls to drop the coats let me tell you…I saw their breath that day so I shot around it.

the family




Mr and Mrs R

Mithran and Priscilla

Some black and whites, because no photo shoot is complete without them.

Katie n Shannon bwthe Ragaratnums girls bw


(this was not the original photo though…at first when his sisters hugged him, he looked like this…)

Siblings  lol

the Jogaratnums by light bw

the girls

Took a few of J since it was her 17th birthday that week!


jo bw

Love the last two as they seem to capture how this family really is Smile

the girls with sunflare

jonny and his girls

A grateful thanks (is that saying redundant?) to both families.

I love you all to pieces!

(oh and in case you are wondering about the random “white” gal in a few of the photos,

she is getting married to the eldest son in less than 200 days! Woot!)


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