Tussy Mussy’s, cones, or whatever you call them

Been a while since I made a post with decor ideas, so thought since some may start decorating for Christmas I’d like to share this inexpensive idea..

Tussy Mussy’s is what my mum called them.

We made them one year when we did not have much decor and they can be used in a variety of ways.


I hung mine off the back of my dining room chairs filled with scented pinecones.

cone filled tree

Or you can fill them with dried flowers and hang them on your tree.

my cone

I also made some last year with my kiddies and used them for our Advent calendar.

So basically you are making a cone. Like in this tutorial I posted here.

For the ones that are white in my dining room, I used the white paintable wall paper and cut it into squares about 18” big.

I rolled the cones up and hot glued the edges together.

I put on a quick coat of an off white paint.  Let it dry over night and then added the trim to match the rest of my decor.

Used a hole punch and fed some ribbon through so it would be easy to hang them.

My mum and I made over 20 total with some of the left over wall paper.  Using all left over supplies this made for a very inexpensive craft.

You can switch it up each year in how you use them; like holding napkins at Christmas dinner, or hanging them on door knobs filled with berry sprigs… the ideas can be vast.


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