A How to with Pictures~Decorating the Christmas Tree

Not sure who will see this post nor care but being that I was asked three times this week about is there a right way and wrong way to decorate a Christmas tree,

I thought I would share what I shared already this week.

Disclaimer: First off, I am not a florist or arranger of any type but did do many trees during my days at White Rose HQ (remember that store?  the best craft supplies!)

Anyways at White Rose they had this system to decorating their Christmas trees that I have always incorporated.

Does it make it a right way or wrong way?  Depends who you ask.

If there is a particular look that you want to achieve with your decor then this “how to” may be for you; otherwise do what you like and love!


(from two years ago)

The first thing is to find out how tall your tree is.  Mine is 7 feet.

For every foot of tree you should have 100 lights. (According to White Rose standards:)

Starting at the base you wind the lights up and down each branch; securing the lights at each end of the branch.

Mine has 800 lights-an extra 100 just because I like sparkly trees.

Then I take my main decorations the lime green shatter proof set from Bouclair, and hang the largest first to smallest.

If you are planning to put ribbon or mesh or organza under the decorations this is when you would put it on the tree so the end result would look like this:


(last years tree)

Otherwise your tree would start to look like this:


sorry was taking these pictures in a dark room and did not want the ambient lighting of the twinkle lights…

needed the decorations to stand out so you can see what I am saying…


The trick that I was taught at White Rose was to stagger the decorations around the tree,

but since I have a large section against the wall I skip part of the tree at the lower back and use them mostly in the front 3/4.

So when I have all my green balls on, I add the older crème, silver and pearly glass ones.

I also turn off my lights so I can see any holes or empty spots where an ornament is needed.


Then I add other “like” ornaments like my icicle looking types, stars, etc. 

I like the ornaments to be very similar so whether they have the same shape or colour they co ordinate that way…

that is just how I roll-there is no right or wrong really when decorating your tree.

The key in having a flow or symmetry is to stagger the similar sized/colour ones so your eye constantly travels around your tree.


(See all my needles on the floor-you would think it was real tree by how much it is shedding… sheesh)

Then I add my green organza overtop weaving it in and out throughout the ornaments and branches.

I used three pieces from the local dollar store; 11 feet long.


Turn the lights on and look for dark  holes or areas that need tweaking and make the necessary changes.

Personally I love a full tree..which is why from the last picture to this one about 12 decorations were added when I went out and got a few more on sale Smile

I do not spend a chunk of money each year on decor. I collect it throughout the years.  I have glass balls from the original set my hubby and I got when we first got married. 

Over the years I have added ones from my time at White Rose, Ikea, or others that I bought at end of season.  When we first moved to our recent home I made a chunk of them too!

It does not need to be costly.  And it is fun to add year to year and change it up-doing something different each year.

Just some details of some of my fave ornaments…

DSC_9562 DSC_9572 DSC_0310

DSC_9566 DSC_9574

oh and I have to add this one…the kiddies thought I would not notice..haha they should know me better….


I love looking at other ideas so head over to this site where they have some great ideas!



Haha! That last picture is too funny :) I LOVE kids, they are the best! Your tree is beautiful btw!! Merry Christmas!
Mimi said…
Great tutorial. I do my tree the same way!

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