Bokeh, bokeh, bokeh; oh how I loveth thee…P52

Not even sure what that title is supposed to mean…

it is just how I feel right now. (oh and I stink at keeping up with a 365 let alone a P52)

Two things; I love right now, my winter baby who turned 11 and my new 85mm…

aisy and bokehsmaller

Taken on her 11th birthday…Telling me something about how her yellow nails should be in the picture.

But she wouldn’t give me “her” smile…so this is what I got for her birthday photo.

Oh and if you want to see more Bokeh go is a Bokeh party! 

Who knew they had Bokeh parties??

I know! Awesome!



Jaymi said…
Oh I just love that picture! Great focus and expression! And speaking of Bokeh parties, I'm having one on my blog today, and every Tuesday in December, I hope you come check it out!

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