She holds the key to his heart~Sneak Peak { Durham Engagement session }

These two are cute; really cute together.

In a nut shell, he has liked her for 7 years….7!


He waited for her.


So honoured I had the chance to be with them this day.

Too cute, way too cute I tell ya.


sitting under the tree




We went to Greenwood Conservation area the day after Pumpkin fest…



in the pumpkin patch

The bride wanted to smash a pumpkin..she never had before…haha  took her a couple of tries…

smashing3  smashing2  smashing pumpkin1

under tree with pumpkins


She holds the key to his heart; she really does….it is so sweet.

ring and key

hold the key to my heart


They are really made for each other.

standing on the road

cheryl and jonny

in the leaves


It was a perfect day for a leaf fight too!  Windy and crisp.

leaf fight1  leaf fight2

leaf fight3

leaf fight4

falling leaves


I love seeing how God can bring two people together and create such a bond and love.


I know.  I am a mush.

cheryl and jonny in leaves

Congratulations to the two of you.

My love and prayers are with you as prepare for your summer wedding!


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