The Manns~Sneak Peak {Durham Family photography}

I cannot say enough good things about this family.

The way they are in the pictures is how they are; naturally. 

They hugged, cuddled, laughed, and giggled. It was all real.

the fam by the trees

I was even told little Miss Independent here was shy…

(Does she look shy to you? She chose this pose herself)


the family and sunflare


the fam under the arch

I love these next 4 pictures…he doesn’t know what’s coming…




and it’s over…?


or not!!…


And I love these 3..apparently this is a “thing” they do…watch their faces…

father and daughter faces

father and daughter faces2

father and daughter faces3

Some pictures with mommy…

mother and son

mum an daughtermother and daughtermother and son4

liz and stevesiblings2b

the fam under the trees

Liz and Steve; you have one gorgeous, amazing family!

Thank you for letting me capturing a bit of your life.


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