Simple Wedding Decor~The standing reception part 2

Same wedding as the  Part 1  wedding but this time the decor ideas are for a standing reception for in between the ceremony and reception.

Once again budget was modest and the bride was hoping for simple and fun.

I grabbed inspiration again from the brides invitation and her colours.



Decorating a gym is tricky and with a budget ta boot!

There was not too much to do about the dark blue curtain…so we tried to pull some brighter pinks to bring attention to the cupcake table!

(And I need to say KUDOS to The Flour Bag Princess to a fab job on them-so yummy!)


We used the left over vinyl tablecloth covering from the ceremony that is bought on a roll for the other tables and re used

black square table toppers from other church events to cover the cupcake table.

To add a bit of fun we made a pile of paper flowers.

So here’s how to do them

A quick DIY in pictures which are’s been a crazy week so no time to edit yet!

Fold tissue paper; two sheets to three sheets like a fan-remember when you did this in school? They are all over the net right now in blogging craft world..


Same thing; so you want to fold along the long edge so you get a decent amount of folds.  Which equals a fuller flower.


Use string or wire to tie the fold together in the middle.


Cut a curve on the end to make a petal shape and use double sided tape to attach the ends together.


Now if you are not hanging them right away leave them like this so they will not rip or crinkle as they are quiet fragile.

At location open the fans on each side and use the double sided tape to hold the ends together

and as we learnt the hard way-HOTGLUE to fishing line since the double sided tape will not hold the flowers in place on the fishing line.


We tied the flowers to lattice which needs a lot of enforcements since it bends in the middle so make sure to

attach fishing line to ends and the middle of the lattice and anchor in the ceiling.


For the price of lattice and tissue this is a very reasonable DIY for a standing reception.

These flowers though can be used for a variety of gatherings; bday parties, showers, special church events…

Found these images on Pintrest for other looks with the same tissue flower.

Love it; easy and simple.

flower tissue  

hanging in the reception


hanging as a backdrop


hanging as the archway


Endless ideas.

Simple. Easy. Beautiful.


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