Simple Wedding Decor~ Part 1 Ceremony backdrop

I am in love with simple wedding design.  I also love when wedding decor flows and grabs it’s inspiration from other details

and it fits within the brides budget.

With this wedding, the inspiration came from a simple invitation. The bride had a swirly, modern looking invitation which I used as the inspiration design for the backdrop for the ceremony.

In fact the backdrop was almost an exact replica of their invitation.

Black and white with a pop of pink. Oh and some glitter too…glitter is a must have with weddings.

Here’s the low down

I bought banner paper from a local party supply store-the stuff I think that was originally meant for covering tables.

I had a large space, the churches gym floor, to lay out 5 panels about 13 feet long.

I used packaging tape to make a pocket along the top and bottom of each panel; big enough to hold 4 foot dowels which were used to attach the panels to the ceiling with fishing line.

We used dowels along the bottom of each panel to hold the panels in place so they would hang still and not waver in any breeze or when the AC was running.

I used craft paint and Martha Stewarts glitter left over from other crafts to add the design that was similar to the invitation.

Cost: $14.99 for the paper

(and if you had to buy the paint and glitter, you could find it at the dollar store)

Then we used vinyl tablecloth covering on a roll and cut 4 panels (well actually it was 5 but I made a mistake and only needed 4)

to be hung in behind the painted panels to give a pop of colour.

Made the same pockets along the top as we did on the paper panels.

Cost: $18.99

So grand total of this backdrop was under $40.00



We used white organza table toppers from another wedding (bought through this website ) as the aisle decor with a cute black and polka dot ribbon to accent,

three shades of rose petals for down the aisle and the arch was the standard white metal arch wrapped in white curtains with white lights underneath.

Simple. Classic. Beautiful.


NOTE: If you are not comfortable with free hand drawing you can always use a projector to trace and outline

onto the paper-even trace the design on the invitation and transfer it to the panels! 

The design ideas are endless really, and it is very reasonable if you think some ceremonies are only 30 minutes, that design is great for your pocket book!


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