Simple Wedding Decor~ Card boxes and Table Seating charts part 3

A budget does not have to be a burden especially in weddings.

Take these two crafts for the card box and seating list…



And they cost only the price of the box from a local superstore..looks like it was a picture box originally.

Everything else used to make these two projects were re used supplies.

I used for the card box left over flower cut outs that I had bought for another project in a package from the dollar store and craft paint to neutralize them. 

The brides colours were black and white with a punch of deep pink. See the wedding ceremony decor  here

I painted the flowers in her colours and while the paint was wet I sprinkled Martha’s glitter on them and left them to dry.

While they dried I painted a cork board that I had but never used.

While that dried I cut some Mylar to fit inside the corkboard frame to soften the cork texture. I spray glued the Mylar to the cork.

When all the flowers were dried I hot glued them to the card box and the cork board frame.



Simple. Elegant. Easy


I love these two sites for other inspiration


Beyond the Picket Fence

check them out,

and if you are domestically challenged such as I am in the kitchen there are some great recipes also Smile


"Georgia Wood said…
When my three girls get married someday, I will have to keep you in mind, Steph! I love your work!

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