P52~What cottage life looks like

I know I am cheating majorly on my P52 (that is, where you post one picture per each week of the year)

but it is too difficult to pick just one picture from our time at the cottage.

How can you pick just one with beautiful mornings like these…

sunrise at the dockssunrise over field

with pw sunshine

With nights like these…

sunset over water

kids at sunset


With creepy crawlies like these…



With bugs like these…

dragon fly boost and fc

dragon fly vt

With toys like these…

aisy and fish

(Big mouth bass caught with her “Dora” play fishing rod)


(playing at the beach…thought he was looking at a crawfish…)


(should have known better! Apparently even clones needs a vacation.)


And…with kids like these…

keats on dock

keats bw

aisy on dock

aisy bw

miya vt

nyc miya


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