Itching to paint something…

I love what paint can do for a space, and I love even more what paint can do for a piece of furniture too!

My friend just recently painted a very unique side table that had seen better days; a great find from a local thrift store and it made me itching to paint.

I have a unit in my bathroom that I grabbed from my mum when she moved 8 years ago.  It matched her grey kitchen nicely however it is lost in my off white bathroom.

I’m thinking I should paint it and…


I saw this table from Martha Stewart…


and fell in love with it immediately.  What a great idea to transform a piece of furniture!  Easy too.

Painted a brighter colour on the inside and see the leaf detail on the outside?  Gorgeous!


Then I found these two ideas from Better and Home and Gardens…


(it is a drawer; CUTE!)



Decorated with wall paper added in the back for contrast.

I have a plain antique hutch that I do not want to paint but could use wall paper in the back like the one above-just not in a permanent way….

These are quick and very easy ideas for a weekend project.

Now I just have to pick a colour…


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