Guild Inn, Puppies, and Mike and Ikes~Sneak Peak {Scarborough Family Photography}

We’ve been planning this shoot since last fall.  Our schedules finally matched.

I met this friend when I was in grade school..if I do the numbers as to how long it has been since I saw her last, I would feel old, so I am not! 

Let’s just say, poufy hair, turned up collars and penny loafers were in style when we hung out…today it is a different kind of style; it involves the Guild Inn, oodles of puppies and a big ol’ box of Mike & Ikes!

She has a beautiful, young (aka. busy) family.

This little beauty loves all animals and when asked which one of her doggies was her favourite; she replied, “All of them”.



This gorgeous guy is UBER busy and basically loves whatever his big sis likes and cars, oh and dirt..he’s a boy; need I say more?


alexanderhappy boy

the fam

daddy and daugther

mommy and son

giggles bw

sitting up high bw

andy and son

Ali and daughter

on the bench

zander pants

the fam-vt and lovely

Gorgeous aren’t they?


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