Decor for under 5 dollars and one hour

I am sure you have seen those flowers and butterflies from stores like Home Sense, and Solutions and the like..

these ones are from “Umbra”.


My girlies love them but we did not want to spend any money on the wall decor for their newly painted room as we are not sure how long they will like them for…

one girlie loves butterflies, ladybugs and the other is slowly out growing them! 

So we decided to come up with a temporary solution without having to spend any money, and used up only one hour of our time.  That way when they tire of the butterflies we can give them away or toss them in the recycle bin.


We used the Umbra flowers as our inspiration for our 3D butterflies.

I made three templates from scrap paper; really it was whatever was lying around, and traced them on left over turquoise cardstock paper in two different shades and white cardstock.




There was about 75 butterflies.  We cut them out which was the part that took about one hour.

Got the kids to use a ruler to make the crease.




(shhh it is really my son posing for these last two photo’s as the girlies were occupied doing something, so I promised not to tell anyone it was his hands holding the butterflies! LOL)

Then we used the blue “sticky tack” to attach the butterflies to the wall as it seems to stick longer than the other colours. 

They are holding pretty good considering the odd pirate sword, light saber and purse gets swung around in that room!

2011-08-01 001 008


2011-08-01 001 010


2011-08-01 001 004


2011-08-01 001 011


2011-08-01 001 015

It was an easy way to incorporate the colours in their room to add more detail and they can easily change it as they tire of one design for another.

Linking to this site as I love the ideas they post.  There is some great inspiration and it is a wonderful site for creative tips and handmade projects.


I love this! It looks beautiful!
Ans&Al said…
This is fantastic! I think I'm going to do this for the girls room..... too new to ask if we can paint and not really able to splurge on decor but this would be perfect! Thanks for the great idea:) I told my sister yesterday that I wished you were here to help me these things! Love you--Allison
Jennifer Silver said…
Um, can you PLEASE come to Newfoundland and decorate Michael's new room????? :):) Love all your ideas!!! -Jenn S.

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