What it looked like on the hottest day of the year….so far…

The only time I had so far this summer to update the photo’s of my lovelies and it happened to be the hottest day thus far. 

So we waited until work was done and the sun had lowered-not that  it made any difference-it felt like a sauna regardless of where the sun was in the sky…

and went to the local library and took all of 6 photo’s.

My poor kiddos were too uncomfortable.

summer aislinn smaller

(child number two looks quiet comfortable no?)

miyamoultrie smaller

(Child number 1 taking a break reading while i took her siblings photo’s)

k vt

(ok child number 3 was hot..you can see it in his skin…if I took the shot closer you would have seen his sweaty forehead)

summer kids

(child number 3’s expression says it all… Are we done yet?)


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