Simple and easy transformation~without the fancy tools to do it!

A quick transformation of an old cork board, and one of those picture frame shelves…

It’s a “been there done that kind of post”-nothing new here however, I wanted to show a trick you could use with minimal supplies and no need to buy a Cricut…(have you seen these-a very cool product but not in my price range).  Cricut or Silouette makes stencils for you that are used in many projects involving words; like subway art, or wall stencils…

So basically all you need is a printer-doesn’t even have to be a coloured printer, and a pencil, sticky tack, paint and something to put your transfer onto..

so in my case, I have a cork board turned chalk board and one of those shelves that comes with three picture frames.



For my cork board, I put a couple of coats of chalk board paint-found at our local recycling centre; a.k.a the dump…

1.  A coat of red craft paint on the wood trim, then light grey and when it had dried (almost) a coat of black paint.

I just used craft paint I had lying around from kids craft products which they sell at the dollar really inexpensive.

004  005

2.  Sanded down the edges.

3. Then I printed off a verse off my computer using the standard word program and whatever font came with the computer.

4. Then I had my model; a.k.a, whomever was walking by my office at the time, demonstrate the transferring process.

With a soft pencil, around a 4-6B art pencil, colour overtop the BACKSIDE of the verse that was printed off your computer…


5. Then turn it over, right side up, so you see the verse now and use sticky tack to attach to whatever you want to transfer the saying onto

and use a pen or firm pencil to retrace overtop of the printed side. 


6. Then with craft paint from the dollar store or local craft store, paint over the lead transfer.


It is a bit tedious but if you have time it is not a big deal..painting the frame took all of 10 minutes because I did not wait long in between coats, and to transfer the verse took about 20 minutes from time I printed out the verse to the time I finished painting it on the chalk board.

The shelf took a bit longer as I put a couple of coats on the shelf to hide the cherry wood.

I sanded (barely) the shelf and put a quick coat of primer on it then a coat of off white-which was a left over paint that was used on the chalk board for the verse.

 DSC_1709   007

I used a different verse and transferred it the same way I did the chalk board.

DSC_9120   DSC_9123

Then I sanded the edges down a bit to expose the red cherry wood, and sprayed it with a matte sealer-couple of coats.

2011-07-11 001 001

So I put the two pieces in the kitchen as a message board or a draw doodles on it while i wait for my sister to finish doing the dishes board, or post dinner menu ideas for the week.

2011-07-11 001 008

Love the additions to the menu…


(can you tell someone is learning about where our meals come from?)

Anyways, you can use this transferring method for many crafts/projects around the home…

Verses or favourite sayings on the wall

Words on storage boxes


Monograms on anything

Your own version of subway style art


I also have the kids use this method for posters in school…it is so easy that a child can do it!

I will be using this method to transfer a saying on my girls wall later this week since we are in the throws of a room facelift!

Check out some other chalkboards here!


Unknown said…
So you paint over the paper that you just traced right? Just want to make sure :o) Love this btw!!

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