The Pink Ballerina slippers is gone…

Spent the greater part of the hottest week thus far this summer giving my girls room a facelift.  A much needed face lift.

The girls have lived with ballerina slipper pink for 8 years.  They picked it at the sweet age of 4 and almost 3.

I admit, I dislike that colour and I am very happy it is gone!

However the ballerina slipper colour did not cast an eerie glow into my hallway the way their new colours, Moonglow and Honey Dew does!

WOWsers; it is bright!

It is not completely done so I cannot take a full room photo yet but I do have a couple of sneak peaks…

Ikea lamp shade, Bouclair lamp base on sale, old mirror donated to the room; painted Decorators white.


Old mirror from my mum’s in Honey Dew by CIL.


Valance from Value village! And mural by me..which is not done yet.


Back wall colour, Moonglow by CIL..and man does it glow! with the pillow for the room’s colour inspiration; my daughter’s quilt.


Painted window box that my mum had painted in Decorator’s white and a bit more of the mural.


The Christmas gift CD player from my husband’s work party for the girls in lime green was a perfect accent in this room!


Just have to finish the closet doors and make a pillow cover for the blanket box, a saying on the wall above the mirror and some home made wall ornaments for around the room…

then I can post the whole room! And the projects that went with it.

I am tempting to get this done by the weekend!

There is this website called GLUESTICKS and it has some great projects for the summer, you should check it out, it is really good.


I LOVE it! Blues and greens are my favorite colours!!!! I can't wait to have a little girl of my own someday...thanks for the ideas ;)
Unknown said…
Cool! Can't wait to see the rest. I'm thinking of redoing my sons room as well, your hard work has inspired me to get started.
Jessica Monte said…
Awesome work! I love the color combination! The green boombox is a nice touch too.

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