Curb appeal~does your home have it?

Heard the term curb appeal but don’t know exactly what it means?

Basically good curb appeal makes your home stand out from the rest.

Houses with curb appeal make you feel a certain way also; welcomed and invited.

Ever had to go door to door, either in your younger years selling cookies or your older years helping your kids sell cookies Smile and get to that one house on the block and your think,

there is no way I am going to THAT house!  There was just something about that house that made you feel uneasy.  Definitely not welcomed right?


(ok so this is an extreme example I know…but you get the gist?)

Having good curb appeal does not mean you have to have invested $20,000 in landscaping and paving stones to have it either. These are all suggestions that can be DONE IN A DAY.

This summer season is a great time to invest in the front of your home with simple cost effective solutions to help your home have great curb appeal.


1. Paint your front door with a strong or contrasting colour so that it stands out from the rest of the house.

In this case, it is the garage and front door, but your eye is drawn to the door which is what you want.

front treb

2. If there is space, put a small sitting area with flowers, chunky candle or lantern on the front porch.


3. Make sure your landscaping, lawn, and flowering beds are free of weeds and debris.

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4. Replace old hardware.


5.Walk around the entire house and remove toys, fix lighting, and sprinkler heads.


6.Dress up the front door

      Your entry should also reflect the home's interior, so choose a swag or a wreath that reflects your personal style. Or an urn with an arrangement in it..or both!


    7. Add outdoor art

    Give your yard a little spunk by adding weather-resistant artwork, like this one of a kind flamingo!

    2011-06-17 001 050

    These are all ideas that you could do with in an hour let alone one day.

    What are some quick changes you have done to your exterior to bring curb appeal?


    Yannie said…
    Great tips. thanks for sharing..

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    I think most people don't realize how small, seemingly insignificant, changes can have such a huge impact!

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    Great tips! I love the idea of painting the door a bright contrasting colour!

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