A little punch of colour goes a long way…

Ever notice in model homes they just seems to flow?

I posted something about that a week or two ago here.  It is partly due to the consistent flooring that runs through the whole house whether it is hardwood on the main floor, up the stairs and then carpeting in the rooms, or similar tiling in the laundry room and kitchen and bathrooms.

Another reason the model homes flow is their chosen punch of colour…the house is in a range of neutrals and from room to room there is a punch of colour.

You can use this trick when you stage or if you like the look; throughout your home.

Take this town home; deep red is the chosen colour.  All the rooms are neutrals.

Red greats you at the foyer..


And is present in the kitchen…

DSC_0330   DSC_0336

And in the eating area of the kitchen…

DSC_0338   DSC_0342

As well as the living room and dining room and the bedroom in the form of pillows, throws, table runners, and decorative vases.

It is a simple trick and can be quiet inexpensive too!


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