How to get a good flow in your home

Ever notice how some homes just feel good from the moment you walk in?  Sometimes it is the model homes we stroll through on a Saturday afternoon, sometimes it is your friends home that just feels right when you are visiting…wanna know a secret?  It is all about the “flow” of the home.


(images care of the Design wagen and Instyle)

Have you ever noticed that model homes have a similar colour scheme throughout the whole house-maybe three or more variations on the same colour and then each room with accents colours to match.  Ever notice that they match most of the furniture also-keeping it consistent-modern throughout or contemporary.  But not all of us have the top of the line furniture to grace our spaces within our homes and keep it consistent throughout each room.  Most of us own a piece of furniture that once lived in our grandparents home or in our case-was in my dad’s, my mum’s , my friends and they know I have a tendancy to be unable to say no…

but, I call it a blessing to receive so many pieces that we did not have to buy yet it is also hard to keep things flowing in the home to create a harmony that will make us feel comfortable without looking like our home has become a dumping ground.

So how does one get a “flow”?

One way is flooring-keep it all the same.

DSC_4616dining rm trebDSC_4612

Albeit, this home above has great furniture all in similar tones but it is the flow of wood from one space to another that gives movement or flow in this home.

diningrm trebDSC_4322DSC_4323

A smaller home, but has a great flow because the entire main floor has the same wood flooring…

bedrm2 trebdiningrm2 treblivingrm treb

This 1960’s bungalow has a great feel/flow to it because with the kitchen being the exception,

the wood laminate is throughout the entire main floor-including the bedrooms!

familyrm trebfoyer treblivingrm treb

This home flows because the flooring is consistent even through to the kitchen.

Want your home to flow?

In the market for some new flooring? 

If you are interested in a great flooring guide for pro and cons about different types of flooring, check out this article from Style at Home

It is a buying guide with 11 options for different types of flooring and is a great starting point for choosing what flooring is best for your home.


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