The Hall’s Growing Family~Sneak Peak {Durham Family Photographer}

This is my second time photographing this family;

the first time they were only a family

of 3 with one on the way…and now they are a family of 4.

He is the sweetest baby…

not so happy

..although he did not want to sleep when I was there both days. 

Bright eyed and bushy tailed ready for the world…and only four days old!

So while I was waiting for him to fall into that deep slumber I remember my wee babes sinking into so they can be moulded and propped up, I followed his big brother around.

He showed me his room…

eli on floor

And we looked at his books..

Eli in his chair

And played peek a boo…

peak a boolaughing Eli

and I watched him play with his Daddy.

daddy and eli  

Meanwhile…baby was doing this…

in the sun

and this….watching his Mommy!

sweet mments

And then FINALLY

parker on blue


hat and funny face

(I forgot all the funny faces newborns make…)

the truck


(he woke up right after that shot…)

double swirl2 mum and baby

I think this last one is one of my favourites…I love the way they are looking at each other; nothing beats those first few days of life when mother gets acquainted with the baby.

 mother and son

My heartfelt congratulations to the Hall family; your growing family is beautiful!


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