The Lindemans~Sneak Peak {Durham Family Photography}

The winter is a great time to take family photo’s as long as you can bare the cold…but I love the lighting in the winter, I love the barren land and the various contrasts offered in the landscapes.  It is so beautiful, and speaking of beautiful (now there’s a segway for ya) check out this family.  That is one good looking family isn’t it?

the fam2the fam3bw(Brave souls without coats; it was chilly….poor pup was shakn’ in the snow) 

amanda and matt(

julie and tim2(the

jon and joy(again, with the cuteness…you guys are adorable)

Michael and Lorraine(the original cuties)

the children bw

(siblings with their mates)julie and tim walking texture

sisters bw


(poor pup-he was freezing) mother and daughters

(mum and her girls)siblings(siblings)

Sometimes I told them to hold their breath so you could not see the clouds of

steam coming from their noses and mouths!   

But this one is by far my fave, and you can see how chilly it was that day… 

lorraine laughing bw


Jennifer Silver said…
love these pics!!! What an amazing family the Lindemans are :)

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