Sneak Peak ~a Senior’s portrait (Durham Portrait Photography)

I was asked by a senior to take a couple of pictures of her for profile pictures and what not…I realized when I had mentioned this to someone else they thought I meant a senior in high school! Apparently in the States, senior refers to a student about to graduate-here north of the border, it is a term we use for someone who is a mature adult shall we say-or a grandma or grandpa as my kids would say :)

I actually took these two weeks ago, but being that I just went through wedding week and two photo shoots they are being posted today…

mum2smallerin case you do know me…..

mum bwsmallerand think, hmmmm, this lady looks familiar….

mumsmallerhey she kinda looks like you Stef…that’s cause she’s my mum!  


Jac said…
Great shots. I love the last one! :)

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