Best Face photo of 2010~I Heart Faces

I love this site, especially for someone who has always appreciated

pictures over words; this site has GREAT pictures.

Their photo contest for the first week in 2011 is Best Face 2010.  I have not entered in a while but try to participate each week by fulfilling the topic guidelines in my own time line.

Best Face 2010 is hard when you love looking at your own family-not to toot my own horn but I think I have a great looking family! see…

the browns

So for my entry this week I opted to choose someone outside of my immediate family who captured my heart and is one of my favourite faces from 2010..

Mr bwI call him; Mr. Serious.



Britney Emilie said…
What a great capture! Amazing
fiddlehead said…
Oh, I love Mr. Serious! This is so sweet, and the black and white is gorgeous.

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