The Benko Family~Sneak Peak {Durham Family Photography}

Have you ever met someone and thought immediately, if we lived closer together, I would really like hanging out with this person?  It happened to me almost two weeks ago when I met this lovely family.

They are sweet and the kids are fun and playful, and we had a lot in common-well, aside from the fact that Debbie is a fitness trainer and is very fit (ahem, yes I wore a sweater to hide my flabby arms that day and picked a skirt that looked slimming; I admit it :) I had fun with them!

I will put a link below for her website-she has had many years experience and is a great woman!

So three kids + three dogs = a full house!

driving buddies2This is Debbie’s husband with his driving buddies!

britney and tobey  This puppy is little Miss sunshine’s buddy…’s his face since she was squishing it in the last picture!  Isn’t he cute?

on daddy's back2

Mr. Smiles…he’s all boy!


Miss. Polite…she’s all girl! (and the most polite child I have EVER met!)

happiness mother and children bw

Britney in shades2The kids bw

cuddles father and daughtergiggles2 

As promised, here is Debbie’s website for more info on her Fitness Boot camps!

Debbie Benko~Personal Trainer  

Email her at:


Anonymous said…
Beautiful Photos! Thanks for joining Canadian Charisma! :)

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