2010 in pictures

One of my favourite people did a post recapping each month of 2010 in pictures. In fact, a great number of bloggers across this world did it and being I love anything visual, thought I would do the same.


I got my 50mm prime lens…

and fed the birds…

DSC_0155aDSC_0247 February

Had a winter with not as much snow as we are accustomed to…

And I realized when taking the picture below, (as I ran back to get into place nearly breaking my neck on the slippery rocks) I wanted a tripod and a remote!

Also went to the zoo with our zoo pass, which was always empty so we felt as though we had it to ourselves…we miss that place!



Doing stuff with friends on March Break, spring approaching, KMac’s b day, Medieval Times and other stuff that I cannot remember because it was a long time ago…

DSC_3587a  DSC_3549a_edited-1(KMac with friends, posing like Spiderman) DSC_4146



Sweet Peas b-day, staging, photography and design work, a trip to Montreal and more stuff I cannot remember…



More staging and photography, school field trip to Jungle cat world...

26 Beer feature sheetDSC_5571 June

Last school field trip to Marine Land, end of school- KMac graduating from Kindergarten, making; designing wedding decor, more staging and photography, backyard mud spas, zoo trips staying until closing, helping a friend shoot a wedding…

DSC_9126kindersDSC_9379 gym

mud spa3 Somiya5

getting ready2


Canada Day celebration, VBS, visiting a friend’s farm with ATV’s, going to splash pads, meeting Jimmy the snake, Millar family reunion, Manchester United Game in Toronto, and the summer getting hot…




the dome


Playing in the sprinkler, going to splash pads, shooting a wedding with a friend, more staging and photography,

day trips, renting the cottage, and the summer getting even hotter…

miya wetshoesboardwalk so at sunset kids walking



Start of school/end of summer (boo), shot another wedding with same friend, more staging and photography and apple picking with sheep, a play place and maze…

lockers makeupcroppedfarmer brown

(Greg in the apple orchard playing)


Created wedding decor, and bridal bouquets, shot a wedding, staging and photography, school field trip to Pickering Pioneer Village where parts of “Anne of Green Gables” was filmed…



CMH Logan5

DSC_8397  November

Staging and photography, missions week, photography, and gearing up for Christmas!!!

frontsiblings bw beautiful in a blanket


My sunshine’s b-day, Christmas, Christmas cantata, and decorating for a Christmas wedding…

Aisy's 10th cakeAisy 10th bday

(yes, that is Indiana Jones Lego painted on fondant with food colouring-one of my daughter's favourite things)

joysmallerDSC_9911DSC_9991  DSC_9982 DSC_0016 

Looking forward to 2011…


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