Wedding Decor on a Budget Part Two

Back in October I helped a friend do the decor for her daughter’s wedding.  I wrote a bit about it here.

I wanted to show the gym ie. reception transformation in this post.

Here is the gym before…


And here is the gym after..


Again this was done with a strict budget in hand and the part I was in charge of, was

from that original amount of just over $350.00 I spoke of here.

The run down:

The church supplied tables and a backdrop for behind the head table for the reception. 

It was panels about 6’ high x 8’ long.  I think we used four…

Napkins, chair covers, table cloths, and table toppers were rented from a local linen company.

The tables had numbers printed off the computer, and the church supplied the plates and utensils. 

The bride and groom gave everyone a white or milk chocolate sucker that was

hand made by the mother of the bride.


The candles on the table were tea lights and the metal casing they came in was spray painted brown to co ordinate.


The centre pieces were made my me and in the other post listed above.  I added a berry sprig wrapped around each centrepiece to tie the berries from the ceremony archway in to the theme in the gym.

centrepiece  close up of arch

Here’s a shot of the tables.. tableThe brides nieces and nephews and my children (ages 6-11) helped fold the napkins and set the tables..I think they did a fabulous job!

The head table had vases for the bridal party’s flowers that matched the rest of the centre pieces.

Green tea light holders from the local dollar store, and more of the brown painted tea lights added to the glow.


The backdrop was my curtains bought originally from Ikea when my girls were smaller for their princess canopy and were pinned to the dividers provided. 

We did not land any white cord twinkle lights so we used my green ones from my Christmas tree.  To hide the green cord I strung them around ivy and grapevine.  The grapevine was from my backyard, and the artificial ivy was given to me and matched the brides colours. 

Extra berry sprigs that were used in the ceremony were added to the grapevine header on the backdrop.


Behind the fabulous cake we put the archway from the ceremony to add more ambiance to the room.

aisle couple under archway

 cake3 cake2

Since there was nothing we could do about the basketball nets, we kept everything down at eye level so all the candles, details were low to keep our eyes low. 

We also dimmed the lights which helped draw our eyes away from the nets.

All in all, it turned out considering the budget.  Bride was happy, brides parents were happy, so I was happy.

the bride


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