DIY Christmas Decor~Stockings

When it comes to decorating, I am not the type to spend an arm and leg for something.  Unless it is permanent-well at least last for a long time; like a vanity or countertop, or a piece of furniture.  But when it comes to decor, I just cannot bring myself to spend a ton of money on something I may tire of in 5 years or so;

and especially with Christmas decor. 


For example we have had our artificial tree ever since the Christmas tree falling incident of ‘97 which made us switch from “real” to “fake”.  And back then, when we bought our tree on one income it was quite a chunk of cash to us…but that tree has lived a happy beautiful life in our home and is used for the month of every December for the last 13 years so it has been well worth it! 



However our stockings come out and are used but the one night in December and therefore I cannot bring myself to buy anything over my budget. 

Stockings are also something that can change in style so quickly, and I tend to like what comes out every couple of years with regards to stockings, so I cannot justify spending that money. 

Imagine; whatever the cost is times 5…it adds up. 

Now I do know that South of the border they have AMAZING deals that we just do not seem to have in abundance here in Canada-you really have to have a keen eye and be out and about to find those deals here.   Which keen eye yes, I sometimes have, but to be out and about; I am not.

(All apologies if you do spend more money than I do on stockings and I admit, I am slightly jealous as there are beautiful stockings out there and they seem to get more beautiful with each passing year.)

I wanted to show you the stockings I made last year to match the colour change in the decor.  I have been drooling over the greens that have come out over the last couple of years.  To update the decor on the tree was easy-I picked up a set of 50 plastic balls on sale from BouClair but I have always loved the fluffy stockings that are green and white.  Remember times 5 it’s $$$$…

Aren’t they pretty??

imagesCAVM87EU white christmas stockings hgtv_com

So I tried to recreate them at home. 

I bought one white and one green fluffy blanket from Wal Mart for $5.00 each. 

I made a template to cut a pattern from the blankets.  I wanted my husband and I to have the white stockings and the kids to have the green and white stockings.

I have found this template for stockings from Martha Stewart which you can down load here

It is similar to the one I made.

Here’s one of my husband’s and mine…

DSC_9867I sewed on a dollar store snowflake which the kids picked.

And the kids stockings…


I cut out all the fabric first then did all the sewing at one time-it was easier for me that way.

The white blanket had a fringe on both ends so I was able to use that detail on all the stockings.

The top for the green stockings was sewn on after the base of the stocking was made and turned right side out.  I sewed the top fringe inside out and attached it inside the stocking while it was inside out so when you fold it up and out of the stocking-it would be right side out..sorry not a seamstress so this is hard for me to explain; how about a picture instead? (I am the woman who once glue gunned her husbands pant’s hem before church because I could not sew it…so now you understand why I am having a hard time explaining the sewing steps to you:)

DSC_9932 DSC_9931

In the pictures above:

The stocking has been sewn and is right side out. The collar or top trim on the stocking (I call it the white part), is sewn to make a doughnut and is wrong side out and put down into the stocking so the edges line up to sew..)


When the edges are sewn together, you pull out the white part (first picture) and fold over the top of the green where the two are attached (second picture).  I then hand sewed a loop for the handle. 

The white stockings were easier since they were all one piece.  The template was lengthened and the top folded over to create the collar or top trim of the stocking. 

Sorry; hope this all makes sense.  Hopefully the pictures are clearing up my instructions.  Basically if a non sewer can do this without pulling out the glue gun, than anyone can!

Total cost of 5 stockings plus three pillow covers with the left over fabric= $15.00 CN


A number of years ago my mum made me some decorative stockings with discount fabric that I choose to match my Christmas decor-I think each stocking cost her about $1.00 to make.

stocking DSC_9877 DSC_9878

Dollar store organza fabric and Christmas tree decor as an accent to pull some colours in from the other rooms..

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Allison said…
Beautiful, inventive and frugal! Your use of dreamy greens and creamy whites is really romantic. This is the first year in 20 that I have put colored lights on my tree, not white. I did it for my two year old and my for year old! Thanks for linking up!
These stockings are so pretty! I love them. You have inspired me to do some for next year!! My colours are blue, white and sliver with snowflakes :) We are expecting our 2nd baby, so next christmas will be the perfect time to do something like that! Oh, you explained your instructions very well ;) Thanks for your ideas, I love looking at your blogs on decorating on a budget! Thanks again!
From a blanket... Brilliant!
They are so stinkin cute ~ A friday's favorite for sure :-)

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