Curb Appeal

One area of staging a home that is often overlooked is the front door, specifically the numbers.  I cannot stress how significant it is to have your house properly illuminated at night to show your address and to have the numbers prominent enough for during the day. 

Elizabeth at Clear Blue Sky has a give away that could help you achieve this.

The company RAMSIGN offers real old fashioned, hand stencilled signs, featuring original design, thick and glossy enamel, 30-year warranty, excellent service, free delivery, and a money back guarantee. 

Ramsign Arrowhead 11 x 14 cm

RAMSIGN Arrowhead sign 11 x 14 cm.

Ramsign Lighthouse 11 x 14 and 7 x 21

RAMSIGN Lighthouse 11x 14 and 7 x21cm


RAMSIGN Englehardt

The numbers are bold and stand out and come in five different styles.  They would be a welcomed addition to any front yard.

Head on over to Elizabeth’s site to enter for this great give away!


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