Christmas Decor does not need to be expensive

I love to decorate.  Anyone who sees my home at Christmas would know this.  I also have lived on one income for the last 12 years and I love to decorate at Christmas.  When living on one income you learn how to make things very quickly to create a “knock-off” version from your favourite stores.  You also learn how to re use items that may have been given to you, and reuse items so they can be show cased in different rooms each year so you do not have to have the same decor year after year unless you want to.

I like change and on a budget that can be tricky.DSC_0055

I wanted to show you a couple of ideas, of decor that I have made or acquired very inexpensively over the last couple of years.  That were made literally for dollars.  I admit, I have an addiction am sucker for Christmas Decor. 

I love Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Michaels,  anywhere else that sells decor that may not be in my price range.  I also don’t think one should be hindered by their income and not have a beautiful home; especially at Christmas and feel they are stuck with dollar stores-however over the last couple of years they have carried some workable items.

Let’s talk mirrors…I do not always want to see the same decor each year but do not want to spend money on the change.  So this mirror has seen a variety at Decor items on it. 

One year it looked like this….


Another year like this…


Artificial garland that I have had for literally years, a dollar store organza piece of red fabric and dollar store stars.  The sign hanging down from it I made 12 years ago for our first home when we had no money so I reused Ikea frames-the three pack for 2.99 and printed off the computer sayings and spray painted them silver.

This year I used the same fabric and garland but put a stocking my crafty mum made with discount fabric-I think the stocking cost about one dollar to make and she gave me six one year as a gift…(see where I get it from?) and then I put a dollar store decor item hanging down from it. 

(I have two rooms off the foyer-one is decorated in theme of green and metals with stars the other is red and gold with berries and pine cones so this area where the two rooms meet up I mixed the two themes…I told you I have a serious addiction.

Anyways this is how the mirror looks this year…

stockingThat sign that hung last year on the mirror is now for the time being in my dining room hanging with another one-I may move it..not sure yet if I like it there…

DSC_9851The thing it is hanging from was a thrift store find that I repainted which you can see here.  And the berry candle wreath I found at the dollar store..which was not there last year, it was around another candle somewhere else…

100_0757And another year the berries wreaths were somewhere else…you get the drift.

For sake of time, I will keep this post to just the mirrors and what was done with them to give ideas…

There is only one other mirror in our home that gets decorated and this is what it has looked like in the past…

100_0763(pardon the blurry pictures some were taken pre-DSLR camera ;)

Another artificial garland, some red balls someone gave me, the picture frames I had for eons, and candle holder someone gave me…oh and the fabulous berry wreaths from the dollar store!

100_5475 Whenever this one was taken I needed a place for Christmas Cards, used the same picture frame and random candles…


And this year it is looking much different yet again….

DSC_9853Painted black from the summer, the mirror has the same fake garland, and red balls, but incorporated a small red ball garland (Michael’s one year for $2.00) that I took apart and attached to wires so they could be used in plants or wreaths or in glass vases minus the wire… Added a gold small berry garland that I bought from Michaels at their end of season sale for $2.00…

See, it is an addiction..the first part of any addiction is admitting you have one..:P


Here are some other places some of this decor has been used-the small berry garland that was cut up in glass vases…the silver frames…

100_8513 100_5492 100_0776 100_0778

Anyways, you see where I am going with this.


When you invest in something, think of ways you can re use it year to year and how you can re invent it each year. 

I will post some more ideas as my house looks like Christmas has exploded each year.  I have never done my mantel the same way twice, nor my staircase..and all ideas have been very cost effective!

Linking up here, there are some great ideas here-check them out!



Dacia said…
Thanks for the blog visit. I'm like you and I LOVE Christmas decor. It's fun to see how you can use the same stuff differently every year :)
retha said…
Like your mirror.
Razmataz said…
All your decor looks very nice, that mirror is lovely. It is amazing what can be done with found items and dollar store bits.

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