The Patons~sneak peak {Durham family photography}

I had three photo shoots today-two mini sessions with just children and one regular family session.

The family session was for my sister who was wanting a new black and white photo for the hallway and to have a picture to use for Christmas. 

The afternoon went as planned-I would do the two mini sessions and then head over to her house to take pictures of her family AFTER nap time!

The two first sessions went really well, (their sneak peaks will be up later this week) and my sisters went…well…less than perfect shall we say.  Which is why I am putting up her sneak peak first-she dealt with a screaming, crying and very contrary child this afternoon-AND HE NAPPED TOO :( 

Poor Mav apparently needed more sleep.  Did not get enough and made life not fun this afternoon, so I thought she could use a pick me up!?

I arrived to this…

DSC_8938Mav not wanting to look at me.

And then got this look…

DSC_8951So we decided to take other pictures instead.  And captured a lovely moment of my sister and her husband.

Kar and David bwAnd some of Zoe..

Zoe in leaves Zoe in leaves2

And some of Zoe with mommy and daddy…

Kar and Zoedaddy and zoe And then we tried a group shot-here is an out take.  I will leave the final group shot for later this week!

the patons I promise you, Mavy does smile for me; just not today; see….

DSC_3158 DSC_8574 mav5



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