The Owen-Davidson's~Sneak Peak {Durham family Photography}

Last Saturday around 4pm had some beautiful lighting as the sun headed down behind clouds.  A great time, in my opinion to take photo’s.  I love how the sun highlights everything and creates sun flares.  It is such a pretty time of day.  Caught some of this lovely family in the midst of it all.  How cute are they?!

CarleighbwDeclanthe Owen-Davidsons

Gord Heather


Gord and carleigh bwHeather and Declan bw

mother and daughter   gord and declan2 Heather and GordI love this one-awww, it was their anniversary too when we shot this.

And my favourite by far and it is an “out take” collage of Gord…some story about Scotland??

Gord collage


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