When there is no flow in your home

Sometimes designers refer to homes having a “flow”.  Basically it means that each area of the home flows or moves cohesively into one another.  When you walk through a home with good “flow”, your eyes move throughout the home smoothly, uninterruptedly where it does not

hesitate on something that does not belong there.

One way a designer achieves a good flow throughout a home is minimizing contrast, where each room’s colour and accents relates to the next one.  It is called unifying the spaces or creating a consistency.

Like in this small 700 square foot condo in the Toronto area that I staged a couple of years ago:

livingroomdiningroom_500[1] kitchen_500[1]


Here’s my tip for Tuesday; this tiny home flows because they used a common colour; red to tie the rooms together.  Which unified the small space.

In the living room it is the back wall colour with red accents, in the kitchen it is just in the accents and in the office it is again the back wall colour.  It is almost an open concept space, in that from each room you can see bits of the other.  That is why the red works and helps create the flow.

I recently staged a home where there was no flow.  Your eye jumped from room to room, and accent to accent.  When you are staging your home, you want flow!  You want the potential buyer to walk throughout your home feeling comfortable, and when a home has that flow, it feels comfortable.

The home owner did not have the time to repaint every space so we found a compromise in painting the smallest and most busiest areas of the house; the front foyer, the kitchen and the hallway.

Here’s the foyer before and after

foyer Foyer

The kitchen before and after

kitchen  Kitchen

kitchen2 Kitchen2

The hallway before and after

hallway hallway

The three areas were painted an off white neutral-the foyer and hallway one colour, the kitchen another off white neutral.  The reason this was done is because the largest space-the living room and dining room was a mauve and there was not enough time to paint the living room and dining room.  So while the living room and dining room stayed in a strong colour we made the other areas that flow into it more neutral. 

If you are on a budget painting is one of the easiest ways to create a flow between rooms of your home.


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