A summer collage

A family reunion, second shooting three weddings, helping decorate one wedding, a Manchester united game, mud spa’s, hanging out with niece’s and nephews, meeting Jimmy the snake, day trips, geo caching, renting a cottage, hanging laundry to dry outside, a new furnace, a broken car, tending to our neglected garden, staging a couple of houses, going to the farm, ATVing, eating way too many freezies and slurpies, mastering riding bikes, chopping down a tree, going to the zoo, hitting the water parks, and many, many trips to the library….and our kids say we hardly did anything this summer!!! What????

summer collage My Tuesday Tip is simply this, get the kids involved in the memory making of your family.  Have them write down in a journal the activities of your family.  Not only will they will realize how much you do together but also how much you do for them.  It helps them learn appreciation and they recognize the works of others in their lives.

It is also a great tool to preserve memories and have them practise their writing skills!


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