Easy, peasy centrepieces

I’ve been asked to help make decorations for a wedding on a budget.  Since I know there are many people out there trying to save money and most of us live with a budget of some sort, thought I’d share with you these really elegant yet simple centrepieces that really could be used anywhere for any occasion.  And at around $5.00 each it won’t break the bank!

I bought vases that were used at another wedding for a dollar each.


Picked up some brownish stones from the local dollar store.

And found the brides favourite flowers on sale half price at Michael’s arts and crafts store.


(this is a fall wedding without a lot of the “fall” colours so it has been tricky to decorate for a fall wedding without it looking like a harvest celebration exploded as the bride would say.

I did an assembly line so this all took under one hour also.


After I cleaned the vases, I put all the stones into them.

With wire cutters I cut the flowers with some stem left on them.  About 4 inches or so.


Now here is where I noticed one vase/flower combo-two looks.

You could leave it as it with the flower sticking outside the vase, or put the flower down inside the vase, which is what we are going to do. 


I bent the stem to make a “J”, then weighted it down with the stones.

Then the day of the wedding we will fill with water and put a floater candle in it.



Stones-$1.00 (but divided up into more vases)

Flower-$5.00 for two (so $2.50 each)

Floating Candle-$4.00 for 9 ( so .44each)

Total approximately per centrepiece=$4.50

Very reasonable don’t you think?

We will be putting a berry wreath using two berry sprigs from a dollar store wrapped together around it that has been spray painted so the centrepieces do not scream Harvest. 


After the wedding I will post a picture of what it looks like with the water and candle in it! Until then it needs to stay a surprise!  But I am sure you can picture it..pretty and simple and inexpensive.


I’m linking up with these groups-check them out there are some great ideas there!

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