A quick transformation

We were away for the last week taking a much needed break and today is the first day back to school so my Tuesday's Tip due to lack of available time is a quick one.

If you are looking for a super quick update in any space or need it to feel warm and inviting fast, which could be the case in an open house; add something living. 

The appeal of a green plant or flowers warms up a space and it automatically feels friendlier and more inviting.

DSC_5089Sunflowers are a great way to cheer up any space and being that they are in season are quite economical also!

DSC_2819 Bright apples are also another way to bring life into a room.

DSC_0030Green plants breathe life into any room they are apart of.

Try it, take a space that looks unappealing to you and add a bit of something living in it.  You’ll be amazed at how much it can transform your space.

Some more neat ideas found here:



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