Play up the season

Today’s tip: If you are selling your home this season, take advantage of the weather and foliage to add some warmth and character to your home.  Appeal to the senses.  As cooler weather approaches make your home feel comfortable to encourage potential home buyers to linger longer.

1. Create curb appeal.  Summer plants are fading, so spruce up the front yard with potted mum’s or pumpkins.  Hang a fall coloured wreath on the front door to add to the curb appeal of your home.


2. Use fall colour decor inside to freshen up the space like;





rustic wreaths, and pinecones,


dried and artificial leaves, and flowers


cinnamon scents,    


and seasonal tableware.


3. Do not forget to keep fallen leaves at bay with frequent raking and sweeping the walk ways clean!

When you use the fall colours discretely in your home, it blends with the season and creates an inviting mood.  The longer the potential home buyer lingers in your home, the better the chance they will remember all the wonderful attributes about it and remember the feeling they had when they were there.

Don’t overlook this simple trick to help make your home more appealing this fall.

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Kristen said…
These are great ideas. You have some amazing decorating items! Beautiful.

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