A perfect palette

I was talking to a friend yesterday about choosing colour for their living room.  She was uncertain as to which colour would suit the existing finishes in the room and blend with the surrounding rooms.

My Tuesday's tip for today is simply this;

do not ignore nature’s palette

God has created many vignettes to use for colour inspiration which encompasses many colours. 

I love the colours in the summer which influenced the new colour choices for the girls room; blue and green. Albeit, not painted yet, but we have the scheme for it. 

I love the colours found in natural rocks and stones which was the influence for the backsplash in my kitchen.

Try using the palette’s of the season’s.

Get inspired by the tints and tones of a monochromatic scene like in the winter,

waves and ice DSC_0768copy

or the complimentary colours seen in the spring and summer,

zoo tulips2 DSC_7877

or the textures found in a fall analogous colour scheme.

 Be inspired by the different colours that are present in landscapes, seascapes and skyscapes.

rainbow4 tide coming in 


Using these examples, you can see easily which colours go well with each other.

This picture of the haystacks inspires me to use blue and green together in my girls room-which I have been procrastinating about doing since the late spring!

haystacksMaybe when the girls are back in school it will get done-we shall see.

Go look outside and be inspired!


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